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Larry Fremont – Forest Fires
Larry Fremont is the Saskatchewan Education and Prevention Coordinator with the Ministry of Environment, Wild Fire Management. The Education and Prevention program provides public education and wildfire awareness programming, oversees community and stakeholder values protection and risk assessment and undertakes programming and initiatives aimed at reducing the number of human caused wildfires.

Larry Fremont “Fire Tour”Larry is responsible for the Smokey Bear and Fire Awareness education programs and the Community Wildfire Risk Mitigation program. Larry has been with the Ministry of Environment since 1983 working in the compliance and fire management fields. He has extensive experience in fire management at a field, program manager and specialized role level.

He currently undertakes the role of Incident Commander on specialized fire management teams and has worked provincially and nationally representing Saskatchewan on Incident Command Team wildfires since 1993. He is a Registered Professional Forester and the Saskatchewan provincial representative on the national Partners in Protection Association.

Larry’s personal goal is to build programs and resources that will raise awareness of the risks and benefits of wildfire and offer expertise and education to assist the public in protecting themselves, their property and their business from wildfire.

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Keith Dodge – Boreal Forest Expert
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Keith has worked as a forest technologist through most of his career. He retired after 35 years of instruction and administration in the Natural Resource Technology program at SIAST in Prince Albert, now called SaskPoly Tech. He has spent many years supervising field teams in the collection of forestry, soils and plant taxonomy data throughout Saskatchewan and Alberta. Ten years of greening communities with Tree Canada has rounded out his career to date. Keith is also a past president of the Saskatchewan Forestry Association which keeps this website going.

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Lorne Renouf – Forest Measurements
Lorne Renouf has been teaching forestry at the college level since 1993, where he taught at several institutions in eastern Canada and has been in Prince Albert since the fall of 2000.

He began his career in forestry as a logger cutting pulpwood in Nova Scotia, and then returning to NL for the same type of work. Lorne started his education in Newfoundland where he worked seasonally while attending college.

In 1985, he became a forest technician after graduating from Maritime Forest Ranger School in Fredericton, NB. Lorne worked for a pulp mill in NL for seven seasons as a forest technician while pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Forestry, which he obtained in 1991 from the University of Maine (at Orono).

Along with working as a forest technician, Lorne, and another partner, started a forestry company which they ran for 10 years. It was during the period of running their company that he started teaching in NL, and obtained a teaching certificate in Vocational Education.

Lorne has continually worked in the forestry sector since coming to Saskatchewan doing forest measurements, silviculture, horticulture, and consulting. Lorne owns and runs a sawmill company as well. Lorne is employed at SIAST now called Saskpoly Tech as an instructor in the Forest Ecosystem Technology program. He has been with the program since its inception of 2000. He has undertaken a lot of curriculum and program development in the realm of forestry.

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Bernadette Slager – Ecology
Bernadette has worked for the Saskatchewan Forestry Association since 2004. She is a teacher and has taught high school in Fort McMurray and Lloydminster in the past.

Your questions are welcomed but please read the Ecology material before asking as the information you require may already be available there. Thank you for your interest in the Saskatchewan environment.

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Sindy Nicholson – GIS and Forest Inventory
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Sindy is a GIS Analyst with the Wildfire Management Branch of the Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment. She has a Bachelor of Science Honours degree in Physical Geography from the University of Saskatchewan and is a Registered Professional Forestry Technologist of Saskatchewan.

She has previously worked for the Forest Service Branch (Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment), the province of Alberta’s Rangeland Management Branch (Sustainable Resource Development) and the Forestry Department of the Prince Albert Grand Council (PAGC).

She is an active member of a variety of boards: Saskatchewan Forestry Association (president), Canadian Institute of Forestry (director), and the Prince Albert Model Forest (CIF representative).

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Brian Poniatowski – Forest Disease
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Brian Poniatowski has over 10 years of experience as a Forest Health Technician. He works for Forest Services in Prince Albert on forest health projects in Saskatchewan. Brian has been involved in numerous surveys and forest protection programs involving forest insects and diseases such as eastern spruce budworm, Dutch elm disease (DED), forest tent caterpillar, and mountain pine beetle.

He is familiar with the timing and assessment of forest pest aerial spraying programs, population and defoliation forecasts, tree health assessments, bark beetle surveys and control programs, aerial forest disturbance sketch mapping, forest pest impact assessments, DED surveys, tree inventories, research plot layout, sampling techniques, and field data collection.

Brian has an Integrated Resource Management Diploma from SIAST Woodland Campus in Prince Albert. Brian is a member of the Association of Saskatchewan Forestry Professionals as a Registered Professional Forest Technologist (RPFT).

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