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People Who Care

winter-mapleleavesMembers reflect many different viewpoints and backgrounds, but we all share at least one common characteristic … we are all people who care deeply about the future of our province’s forest resources. People Who Make a Difference – The Saskatchewan Forestry Association offers you the opportunity to make a difference in how our forest resources are perceived and used … add your voice and contribute your skills to strengthen the base of support for Saskatchewan’s forest resources and forest education.

People Who Take Action

Over the years our members have developed a variety of programs, resources and events to encourage better understanding and appreciation of our shared forest resources. As a member you will receive our quarterly newsletter TREELINES, keeping you up-to-date on Association activities and current forest industry issues and news.

Our Teachers

The Teacher’s Corner in the newsletter provides educators with activities that can be used in their classroom. You can also learn interesting facts about our province’s flora and fauna through our Wildlife and Understory Vegetation series. Our regular Eco Page series provides readers with information on where and how they can enjoy and learn more about Saskatchewan’s ecologically unique places.

Corporations and Organizations

There are several way that Corporations and Organizations can contribute to the Saskatchewan Forestry Association and be recognized as a supporter of the provinces forest resources.

Corporate Membership

The primary method of commitment to our Association is through a corporate membership. The benefits of membership include a year of our quarterly newsletter TREELINES ,an opportunity to promote your company or organization, exposure to our membership and community linkages, and the satisfaction of knowing that you are making a cost-effective, meaningful contribution to forest education in Saskatchewan. And every contribution is tax-deductible.

Direct Donations

A direct general donation is hugely valuable to us, allowing time and effort to be expended on program planning and development. Donations directly support the infrastructure of the organization and allow the Association to direct the funds where they are needed most.

Program Specific Sponsorship

Dollars contributed towards a specific program will be directed into our present programs or the design, development and implementation of new programs that are of interest to the sponsor. Recognition of sponsorship dollars will be provided on the program materials that are produced and in our Association newsletter TREELINES.

An Invitation to Join

We need your participation! If you would like to support the programs, resources and events of the Saskatchewan Forestry Association, please complete our MEMBERSHIP FORM and return it along with your membership fee to us at…

The Saskatchewan Forestry Association 
#3 54 10th Street East
Prince Albert,
S6V 0Y5
PH: (306) 763-2189