History of Saskatchewan’s Special Trees


SFA first published the document “Trees of Renown” in 1984, as “Honour roll of Notable and Record Trees and Groves of Saskatchewan”. This had 31 records in 8 categories, and was intended to stimulate interest and records for future documents.

Since then it has become out-of-print and out-of-date. This revitalization is more inclusive and partners with the communities. It is designed for community involvement.

  • To provide a place where special tree-related events and activities will be documented and remembered
  • To instil in communities a pride in their special trees
  • To provide one place where a record of trees special to a community can be stored, updated, accessed, and compared
  • To promote SFA’s goal of forest and environmental education through the exploration of the eco-regions of Saskatchewan
  • To provide information on the role that trees and forests play in our lives and the values we derive from them
  • To provide information on trees, their maintenance and growth, and their benefits

SFA has designed and developed the site, and is making it available on its website. Communities are encouraged to participate and to submit information about the trees which are significant to them in their community.

Individuals also are welcome to nominate a record for inclusion.
SFA will monitor records which are submitted, and retains the right to question submissions which fail the test of “reasonableness”. In other cases we may get back to the nominator for more information.