Saskatchewan Special Trees

Saskatchewan’s Special Trees (SST) is a program of the Saskatchewan Forestry Association. It has been made possible by the Shell Environmental Fund. We hope that you enjoy browsing the tree database page and find it of use and interest.

Distinguished Trees
TROEs – Tree Related Objects & Events


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Category   Code   Description 
Distinguished 1a Unique – Trees unusual in shape or form. Crooked Poplar – Aspen
Dugout Canoe
Nonconformist Spruce
Distinguished 1b Historic – Has some association with an historic person or event. the Treemendous millionth Tree
Bertrand Tree’s
Provincial Tree
Distinguished 1c Notable trees – One which has been there, and noticed, for a long time, or in a special position. Hanley Tree
Percival Tree
Sen’s Spruce
Popoff Tree
Distinguished 1d Notable groups – A significant group containing more than one tree. Heritage Forest
SOS Trees Coalition Tour
Regina Tree Tour
Rendeck Elm Forest
Distinguished 1e Commemorative trees – Planted to commemorate an occasion or a person. Heyer Apples
Morning Princess
Distinguished 1f Sask. Bred – A variety developed in Saskatchewan.
Records 2a Height – Tallest tree.
Records 2b Widest diameter – Largest diameter. Junor Tree
Records 2c Age – oldest – Greatest age. White Spruce, Amisk Lake
Records 2d Extreme range – A tree furthest from its usual natural range. Black Walnet, Regina
Northern Hackberry, Saskatoon
TROEs 3a Geographic – Sites we can see on the ground, or on maps, which are left from past or historic TROEs.
TROEs 3b Museum/Display – Central sites set up, or designated as displays, or museums, to display artefacts.
TROEs 3c Nature Trails – Trails set up through treed areas, for people to wander through.
TROEs 3d Sites – Actual sites which record/remind us what happened at that site. Burner Base at Prince Albert
TROEs 3e Special Programs – TROEs which occurred as participation in a program set up to commemorate a time/event.
TROEs 3f Commemorative names – Streets etc named to commemorate trees or TROEs or forestry people. Cowan Drive
Cowan Lake
Hamjea Street
Mattes Avenue
Landegger Drive
TROEs 3g Sask was first, or biggest or best – Examples of where Saskatchewan has led the way in forestry and the forest industry. Aspenite Plant wood production
Forestry School
Hamjea Plywood Plant
Smoke Jumpers